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Kerryn is a Prenatal Exercise Instructor. Kerryn’s areas of expertise includes providing women with safe at-home pregnancy workouts and exercises from first trimester to third trimester. From pregnancy yoga classes to week by week, it's all right here.

My Pregnancy Week 19

We got to Feel the Baby Move! So amazing to feel the baby move… I’ll get to that in a second, there is so much to cover this week! Firstly, haircuts. It’s a weird reality when you start counting down the amount of appointments you have left.


My Pregnancy Week 18

From a Dad’s Perspective. So, it was Father’s Day this week. It’s a pretty cool reality that this time next year our little bubba is going to be giving their daddy cuddles and smiles and be the best gift to him, ever. But I still went ahead and got my husband a little something.


My Pregnancy Week 17

My Pregnancy Week 17 -  Birth Classes I always promised myself when I became pregnant that I would be open to everything. And seek plenty of information from a range of sources, and so that is exactly


Breath Techniques for Labour Podcast

It’s kind of funny right, we go to yoga to learn how to breath. But isn’t breathing part of our nature, our survival? Watch a new born baby, their little body moves as they breathe, you see the belly rise and fall with their quick little breaths.


My Pregnancy Week 16

My Pregnancy - Week 16 The sunny getaway weekend we needed Sometimes, you just need a little bit of sunshine in your life. And on the coldest winter weekend in Melbourne, we figured it was


My Pregnancy Week 15

So, I’ve just come back from my first chiropractor session, and I’m pretty happy! I always said I’d see a range of health care professionals throughout my pregnancy, and I’m really glad I’m making that choice.


My Pregnancy Week 14

My Pregnancy - Week 14 I officially have the best birth support crew! Meeting my mid-wife I was actually so nervous before my appointment to first meet my mid-wife. I applied to be in the


My Pregnancy Week 13

Mt Pregnancy - Week 13 The snooze button can be your best friend Rest up my dear, you’ll need it You know what, pressing the snooze button is like giving myself a little gift in


My Pregnancy Week 12

My Pregnancy - Week 12 My goodness, the biggest week so far. This week is certainly one of the biggest weeks I’ve had this year. We Moved into our new home after 6 months of


My Pregnancy Week 11

My Pregnancy - Week 11 You’re getting another Great Grand Child, Nana! Do you do this too? Build something up in your head of exactly how something will pan out.. and it doesn’t go that


My Pregnancy Week 10

We had our blood tests this week, but don’t get the results back until week 13. Just another waiting game! We decided to just go with the regular test rather then the extras. Everything is totally personal preference, and we felt comfortable with that decision.


My Pregnancy Week 9

And just like that, I have a student midwife! I always wanted my own private midwife to follow my pregnancy journey and to be another support person. So, when I was contacted by this lovely lady I knew it was a sign.


My Pregnancy Week 8

“What’s that you’re drinking Kerryn?” As I reply “soda water and lime” with a quick rebuttal of “I have a urinary tract infection and on antibiotics” (complete lie!)