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Whether you’re choosing PregActive to get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, maintain a healthy weight, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, or for convenient at-home workouts; we’re confident PregActive will help you become a healthier, happier you.

Our New All-in-One Prenatal + Postpartum Fitness Website

You spoke, and we heard you. Our priority is and always will be looking after the health and wellbeing of our amazing PregActive mamas. And our new website has a fresh new look that provides members with complete unlimited access to all of our prenatal + postpartum fitness programs.

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01 Online Prenatal Fitness

Studio PregActive is our online prenatal fitness studio that delivers all of our in-studio classes to you in the comfort and privacy of your home. You will gain complete access to the most innovative week by week prenatal fitness plan.

How My Online Pregnancy Program Works

It's Easy to Join Pregactive and Get Pregnancy FIT

02 It’s easy to join.

Simply sign-up and create your account. Then you will receive an Email with your login details. You can then immediately login in to our member-only area and gain complete access to our entire program.

03 Select your week.

Select your current week of pregnancy from your member dashboard. What is special about PregActive is that we provide you with guided week-by-week prenatal workouts that are designed for that week and trimester.

FIT Pregnancy with the best prenatal exercises for every week of pregnancy

What are the best exercises for pregnancy? Here they are.

04 Prenatal workouts

Our wide range of workout videos are suited for all levels of fitness. Choose your class from prenatal yoga classes, Pilates, our cutting-edge PregActive FIT workouts or our PregActive RELAX classes if you need to rest and relax.

05 Your health matters!

Listen to our podcasts from our prenatal health experts, watch informative videos, gain access to our prenatal health library, join in our Birth Prep program or browse through our library of fitness workouts.

Pregnancy health tips to keep you healthy every week

Pregnancy Exercise for ALL Women

06 You’re on your way.

Once you start PregActive, it’s really important to keep going so you can continue to enjoy all the health benefits. So, make sure you log in regularly to complete your weekly workouts and enjoy the FIT Pregnancy you deserve!


I don’t know where to start?

Not to worry, you’re not alone! Our team are the experts in prenatal health and exercise and we are here to guide you. When you sign up we’ll send you a Starter Guide and welcome video on how to begin and how to ease your way into the program.

Is it too late to join PregActive?

Whether you are in your first, second or third trimester; it is never too late to start. My workouts will help you stay active each week and prepare your body for child-birth and post pregnancy. If you are already in your third trimester, then our PregActive PASS would be ideal for you as it also gives you our PregActive for Mamas program to help you recover after childbirth.

What is the PregActive METHOD?

The PregActive Method is an innovative online health and fitness program designed for women preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and recovering after childbirth. Learn more >

What is the PregActive PASS?

The PregActive PASS provides you with lifetime unlimited access to both our PregActive for Pregnancy AND PregActive for Mamas programs.

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