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Pregnancy Exercises, Workouts and Tips

Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy

So what are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy? Exercising during your pregnancy will not only benefit you, but also your baby. I continually advocate that every woman is different and should design a program that suits their needs and requirements.

Exercise for Pregnant Women – YOUR Ultimate Guide!

I am about to share with you all you need to know about exercise for pregnant women. Yes, when pregnant, the exercises you perform must be modified. Participating in a well-designed pregnancy exercise program has numerous health benefits. So, I also want to talk about some pregnancy exercise guidelines you should always follow. To keep both you and baby safe!

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Body Changes When Pregnant – What to Expect

Your body will change more during pregnancy than at any other time in your life. While some body changes when pregnant are expected, there are some changes that you must chat to your doctor about.

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Swimming during Pregnancy – Good or Bad?

Yes, swimming during pregnancy is recommended! But there are some very important rules you must follow to ensure the safety of both you and baby. Swimming during pregnancy is a great form of exercise for pregnant women.

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Stay Safe. Workout at Home.

Now, more than ever is the time to keep you and baby safe by avoiding the gym and working out from home. My online prenatal fitness classes allow to you exercise in the privacy, safety and comfort of your home.

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