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Pregnancy Exercises, Workouts and Tips

Best Exercises for Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Here are the Best Exercises for Third Trimester of Pregnancy. When exercising in the third trimester of your pregnancy you will find that your growing belly is impacting on how you exercise. Even though you may not feel like doing much at all, it's important to keep moving throughout the third trimester.

Can I Do Crunches when Pregnant?

Question - Can i do crunches when pregnant? Answer: Firstly, there are so many more effective and safe exercise you can do for your abs other than the old traditional sit-ups or crunches.

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What Does it Mean to be Overdue?

What Does it Mean to be Overdue? A normal pregnancy lasts anywhere between 38 and 41 weeks. If you have not given birth at your designated delivery date then you will be considered overdue.

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Women – Don’t Forget these!

What you pack in your hospital bag when pregnant will be a personal decision based on your needs. It will also depend on whether or not you already know if you are having a vaginal birth or a cesarean.

Folic Acid for Pregnancy. How Much? Side Effects?

Folic acid for pregnancy is an essential nutrient for normal development of your baby. Folic acid can often also be referred to as folate. Essentially, folate andĀ folic acidĀ are forms of a water-soluble B vitamin.

Who Can Be on the Delivery Room Team?

It is always good to know who will be on your delivery room team when you go into labour or have a cesarean. This way you will not be alarmed when you start seeing different people coming into the room or trying to work out who does what.

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PregActive empowers expecting mamas with safe online, at-home workouts. My innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been proven to help reduce and heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries. Watch how the PregActive Method has worked for women just like you.

Stay Safe. Workout at Home.

Now, more than ever is the time to keep you and baby safe by avoiding the gym and working out from home. My online prenatal fitness classes allow to you exercise in the privacy, safety and comfort of your home.

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