Pelvic Girdle Pain

Let’s Chat about Pelvic Girdle Pain

In this video, our PregActive Women’s Health Physiotherapist chats about pelvic girdle pain including symptoms and treatment option.

What is pelvic girdle pain?

The pelvic girdle is a ring of bones around your body at the base of your spine. Pelvic girdle pain is also known as PGP.

PGP is pain in the front and/or the back of your pelvis that can also affect other areas such as the hips or thighs.

It may affect the sacroiliac joints at the back and/or the symphysis pubis joint at the front.

Pelvic girdle pain symptoms

1. Tightness in upper back.

2.Pain in the lower back area.

3. Pain in the pubic area.

4. Difficulty in getting up or sitting down.

5. Difficulty rolling over in bed.

6. Bladder dysfunction.

7. Pain in in the legs.

8. Pain in in the buttocks.

9. Clicking in the pelvis when walking.

Pelvic Girdle Pain