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PregActive PASS

Feel Informed, Strong and Empowered.

PregActive PASS

Feel Informed, Strong and Empowered.

Medically Recommended Pregnancy Workouts

Prepare for childbirth and strengthen your body to reduce the risk of aches, pains and complications. Our safe workouts will keep you fit during pregnancy and help you enjoy a speedier recovery after childbirth.

Get fit for pregnancy and beyond!

You’re exhausted, tired, nauseous. Your body is full of aches and pains. You’re going through some huge changes and your body feels different. You know you need to exercise, but you aren’t sure which exercises are safe.

The whole thing can be equally exciting as it is scary. There’s so much to do before the baby comes – and looking after yourself should top of the list!

You’re already glowing, but you want to feel comfortable too. Remain active during your pregnancy with safe exercises for you and your baby.


Just Some of What You Get with a PregActive PASS

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There’s no need to go to the gym!

Workout from the comfort of your own home with PregActive!

  • Achievable 20 minute at-home workouts

  • Guidance and support from trusted health professionals

  • Access to nutritional information that’ll help you nurture your body and your baby

  • On demand yoga classes and relaxation practices

  • Lifestyle support for a happier, healthier you.

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Here’s Why You Need this

  • More empowering and comfortable pregnancy.
  • Increased strength and confidence in your body.
  • A stronger core as your belly grows each trimester.
  • Reduced pelvic floor problems.
  • Quicker healing post birth.

  • Lessened chance of abdominal separation.
  • Less back pain, pelvic pain and pregnancy injuries.

  • Physically prepare for childbirth the right way.
  • Improved childbirth experience.

  • Re-gain your body confidence after childbirth.
  • Relief from common pregnancy symptoms.
  • Being better prepared for your birth.
  • Re-strengthen your core.

Your PregActive PASS Gives You

  • Challenging, but safe at-home workouts.
  • Prenatal & Postnatal workouts every week.

  • Choice of class styles and fitness levels.

  • Prenatal & Postnatal yoga workouts.

  • Workouts that do not require equipment!

  • Medically endorsed and recommended workouts.

  • Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor.

  • Convenient 20 – 40 minute workouts.

  • 60+ videos.

  • Trimester-specific workouts.

  • Complete access to Birth Prep program.

  • Full access to our nutrition library.

  • Podcasts from Prenatal & Postnatal health experts.

  • Unlimited video library access.

  • Postpartum care tips and advice.

  • And So Much More!

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Pregnancy workouts on demand – for you to do in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Watch how the PregActive Pregnancy Program has worked for women just like you.

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Join the PregActive Tribe!

Connect with other pregnant women and new Mamas and go on this exciting journey together.

At the start, you’re inundated with offers of help, before long, the meals stop coming, the washing starts piling up and your partner goes back to work… The PregActive online community is a hub of activity where women can interact, chat and have their questions answered.

Pregnancy Exercise for ALL Women
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