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We are here to support you during your biggest life-changing experience. You deserve to access the best exercises and workouts for every week of your pregnancy. Our PregActive method was created with you in mind. You must have trust in your prenatal instructor. See why women trust PregActive – Read Testimonials >


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I don’t always wait until nap time to fit in my exercise.. otherwise I would be waiting a loooong time some days! . I do one set.. and later in the day I do another set. That’s the great thing about postnatal recovery. You don’t have to do hours of workouts to get results. BUT frequency is key. . Every day. Even if it’s just five minutes a day. Trust me, it helps. . I often spilt up the sets in the PregActive for mamas program to one 5-8min sets across the day. . And you know what, I do it. Because it’s so short. It’s achievable. And sometimes I have a little workout buddy 👶🏼 . Are you going to prioritise 5 minutes for yourself each day this week? Head to the link in bio and get the 7 day trial to help you. . #pregactive #pregactiveworkout #postnatalfitness #postnatal #fitness #postpartum #fitmom #postnatalexercise #postpartumfitness #prenatalfitness #postpartumbody #diastasisrecti #momlife #goals #yoga #fitmum #personaltrainer #funfitnessmama #momboss #dontgiveup

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Quite simply, because you deserve it. Your health and well-being matters when pregnant and we are here for you! The PregActive Method provides you with valuable health, fitness and wellbeing tools; preconception, during pregnancy and as a new mother.

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