Pregnancy Podcasts

I love podcasts! Which is why I have included some amazing pregnancy podcasts in your PregActive membership. I interview some of the most preeminent prenatal health experts, exercise specialists and OBGYNs.

Pregnancy Podcasts that give you the facts on pregnancy

You deserve the facts!

My pregnancy podcasts deliver these facts to you.

When you join you will gain unlimited access to my podcast series. But for now….

I want you to listen to these two podcasts right now

1. Pregnancy Podcast – Breathing Techniques for Birth

Pregnancy Podcast Episode Breath Techniques for Birth

2. Pregnancy Podcast – Strength Training Pregnancy

Learn the top three breathing techniques that our PregActive Mamas use during labor. Video duration: 6:25

Strength Training in Pregnancy Podcast

Strength Training Pregnancy

Let’s talk about strength training in pregnancy. In particular the The Why, When and How. Podcast duration: 12 minutes

Your PregActive membership also includes the following podcasts.

Pain Management Labour pregnancy podcast


Optimising Baby Positioning


Running in Pregnancy


Rebecca Black Psychologist Postpartum Depression


Episode 4 Five Common Pregnancy Exercise Mistakes


Prenatal Podcast Episode 5 VBAC Sigrids Birth-Story

Get the Facts You Deserve

Searching online for answers to your pregnancy questions is what we all do.

The problem is to find factual, legitimate, evidence-based sources of information that is mixed in amongst all the online marketing rubbish.

Do you get the feeling that one day you read one piece of advice on a specific topic and then the next day you come across a totally different answer? This is very frustrating. And how are we supposed to know which was the right thing for me?

That’s why I created my podcasts where I interview the EXPERTS in prenatal health.

I research every expert before interviewing them. I make sure I do the right research in order to help you make evidence-based informed, confident decisions about your pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Podcasts on Spotify

I want to help all women when pregnant so I have uploaded many of my podcasts to Spotify for free!

With my podcasts, I provide factual information along with first-hand experience. Every episode is designed to give you all of the evidence, research, pros, cons, risks, and benefits. By doing this, you can decide what the best option is for YOU and feel confident about your decisions during your pregnancy and beyond.

My pregnancy podcasts are included with your membership and they are a resource to help you make informed decisions about your pregnancy and your baby. Ready to get started? Listen in to the latest episode of podcasts.

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