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PregActive empowers expecting mamas with safe and effective online, at-home workouts. Our innovative techniques are backed by scientific evidence and have been have been proven to help reduce and heal injury-based diastasis recti along with common pregnancy related injuries. Watch how the PregActive Mehtod has worked for women just like you.


NOW is the time to stay safe. Workout from home. Get safe and trusted prenatal workouts created by our team of prenatal fitness experts.


Receive a guided weekly prenatal fitness program that gives you the flexibility to choose your workout. You’re in control!


New prenatal workouts and classes added every week. Workout anywhere, anytime on your favorite mobile devices.

Stay Fit & Strong Every Trimester


Achievable 20 minute at-home workouts. Guidance from trusted health professionals. Nutritional information that will nurture your body. On demand yoga and relaxation classes.


We integrate our innovative techniques into each safe functional exercise you do. Our workouts are safe, but challenging. Your baby’s health depends on your good health!


With my Birth Prep program, you will learn how to ease labor pain with our educational videos, workouts, birthing positions and breathing techniques.

Stay Safe. Avoid the Gym. Workout at Home.

Whether you’re choosing PregActive to get pregnancy fit, prepare for birth, prevent pregnancy aches and pains, or for convenient at-home workouts; we’re confident PregActive will help you become a healthier, happier you.

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Inside Studio PregActive – What You Get

PregActive is more than just another fitness program. For the past five years, we have had over 100,000 women view or workout to our online videos. Now, it’s your turn to be strong and fit for pregnancy and motherhood!

Pregnancy Workouts you can do at home
Birth prep to ease labor pain
Pelvic floor exercises and Kegel exercises to stop urinary incontinence
How to heal diastasis recti naturally
Pregnancy yoga workouts, exercises and videos you can do at home
Learn how to relax and reduce stress when pregnant

See Why Our Members Trust PregActive!

As a Physiotherapist….

I have found comfort in the PregActive Classes. I am very particular about which health professionals I see. I have found comfort in the PregActive classes with Kerryn’s sound knowledge of pregnancy exercise. The design of the classes has a nice balance of yoga, Pilates and strengthening. The online pregnancy workouts has the same exercises we do in class with a great selection of relaxation sessions through to toning exercises that I can do anytime, anywhere.

Felicity – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Kerryn is an Amazing Instructor

The best thing that I did for myself during my third pregnancy was to join the PregActive classes. I found the classes to be so beautiful and relaxing and it was great to be around other pregnant women too. Kerryn is an amazing instructor, always smiling, always attentive to each of us in the class and has such a calming way about her. If there is one special thing that you can do for yourself during your pregnancy then this is definitely it!.”


I Thoroughly Enjoyed the PregActive Classes

I thoroughly enjoyed the PregActive pregnancy workouts. As a physiotherapist working the field of women’s health it is wonderful to know women are able to exercise safely in these classes during their childbearing years.

Christel – Physiotherapist

Pregactive is such a Wonderful Program to Endorse.

As a massage therapist we believe that the health of your body is most important and this is so imperative in the stages of pregnancy. The body goes through significant changes and you need to nourish your body inside and out. I find that when my clients undertake the program they have less issues with injury and soreness. I highly recommend PregActive!

Tiff – Massage Therapist

The PregActive Workouts Were Excellent for Me during My Pregnancy!

They helped relieve my back ache  and gave me confidence in my body for labour. When I’m ready, I’m looking forward to coming back to the post-natal classes! Kerryn has amazing knowledge about how the body moves and changes during pregnancy and labour, and is always there to help with any questions or concerns. It made the whole journey so much easier knowing I could rely on Kerryn!


Loving the PregActive Pregnancy Workouts!

They are suited to all stages during pregnancy. I really enjoy how we do all exercises suitable for preparing for labour, stretching and toning. I feel relaxed but energised after the class.  Kerryn is a great instructor with lots of support and knowledge.

Jess N.

I am so Happy I found the PregActive Workouts so Early on in My Pregnancy.

I progressed each week as my body changed with my pregnancy as the exercises were easily adaptable.  I felt prepared and ready (as much as I could be) for my labour and used some of the breathing and relaxation techniques to help me through my labour. The pelvic floor exercises and gentle abdominal toning are now helping me recover in the postnatal period.

Julie G.

I was Fortunate enough to be Referred to PregActive by a Physiotherapist

I have been attending since I was six weeks pregnant. I was looking for pregnancy workouts that would help me to improve strength and flexibility, and PregActive has really exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much about the body in pregnancy and labour, along with learning a range of gentle exercises that have helped me to increase core strength and flexibility. Thanks Kerryn!”


I’m so Glad PregActive went Online in Time for My Pregnancy!

It’s been amazing… Even my physio has said how good my walking and posture is looking at full term, which I’m sure has a whole lot to do with staying active through the program.

Leslie A.

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Connect with other pregnant women and new Mamas and go on this exciting journey together.

At the start, you’re inundated with offers of help, before long, the meals stop coming, the washing starts piling up and your partner goes back to work… The PregActive online community is a hub of activity where women can interact, chat and have their questions answered.

Why PregActive is for You

If you participate in a regular prenatal fitness training which has a focus on core strengthening; then you will be start off your recovery after childbirth with stronger abdominal muscles which will help with a speedier recovery.

Strengthening the deep muscles of your core and pelvic floor in pregnancy will give you the ‘muscle memory’ to make it easier to do the exercises after the birth. What you do now will impact on how fast you recover.

Just Imagine

Being strong throughout your pregnancy. Reducing the risk of aches, pains and complications.


PregActive is recommended by OB.GYN’s, Physical therapists, PT’s and Exercise Physiologists.

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