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PregActive Pregnancy Exercise Program FAQ


How much does it cost per week?

With a usd $23 / Month membership, it works out to be approximately $6 / week.

Is there a joining fee?

There are NO joining fees.

Is it too late to join PregActive?

Whether you are in your first, second or third trimester; it is never too late to start. My workouts will help you stay active each week and prepare your body for child-birth and post pregnancy.

What results will I achieve?

By regularly exercising and improving your overall health when pregnant.

You can expect to increase your fitness, gain core strength, maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, sleep better, reduce the risk of common pregnancy ailments, and feel energised and happy!

Do I have to join for Lifetime membership?

No. Lifetime memberships are our most affordable option and are ideal if you are planning on having more children in the future. We have MONTHLY membership option where you pay for each month as you go. You will be billed monthly. You can cancel anytime!

How do I cancel my membership?

If you are on a monthly membership plan, and you decide you no longer want to be a PregActive member, you can cancel at any time.

What Currency is Used?

At this time our membership payment options are in $USD and $AUD. Otherwise, our secure online payment processor STRIPE will automatically convert payment to your country’s currency.

How Do I Join PregActive?

Joining PregActive is simple and easy to do. You can pay via your credit card. You will then gain immediate access to our program. JOIN NOW >

My Pregnancy Week 20 Kerryn


Are the workouts online?

YES! There are no DVDs, just ready-to-access videos that you can workout to in your own home. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer.

Why Do I Ned Specific Pregnancy Exercises for Every Week of Pregnancy?

Your body changes every week. Your belly grows. You experience different discomforts. As your body prepares for child-birth, you need the right exercises to cater for these changes.

Will these Pregnancy Exercises be Right for Me?

You must always get prior approval from your doctor before starting any new program. My workouts have been designed by a team of prenatal exercise specialists.

You can customise your workouts by choosing a level that suits you.

Do you have Prenatal Pilates classes?

Yes! I love Pilates and I have Pilates classes available to you for each week of your pregnancy.

Do you have Prenatal Yoga classes?

Prenatal yoga is one of the best forms of exercise when pregnant. I have been teaching yoga for over 12 years and now I have added my yoga classes to my online program.

How Often Do I Have to Work Out?

I recommend you workout 3 – 5 times each week. You can change your schedule based on your time availability.

What types of workouts or classes are offered?

You will have access to a new program that is specific to your week of pregnancy. You will still have a choice of which level of intensity class you would like to take.

Do the workouts suit all fitness levels?

YES! You will have a choice of workouts ranging from beginner level up to advanced level. There is a prenatal workout, level and style for you! We have beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts, as well as our prenatal yoga workouts.

Which Workout do I Start with?

Workouts are based on three fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Start with my PregActive BASIC workouts. You can work your way up if required.

What are PregActive BASIC Workouts (Level 1 Beginner)?

My PregActive BASIC workouts are for YOU if:

1. You haven’t worked out for a while and want a gentle workout.

2. You did not participate in a regular exercise program before pregnancy.

3. You are completely new to exercise.

4. You are looking for a low-intensity workout.

5. You require specific guidance with exercise form.

6. What are PregActive WORKOUTS (Level 2 Intermediate)?

My-Pregnancy-Week-17-kerryn boyle

What are PregActive FIT prenatal workouts (Level 3 Advanced):

My PregActive FIT workouts are for YOU if you:

1. Have mastered my Level 2 PregActive WORKOUTS.

2. Are looking for a higher intensity workout.

3. Want a more fast-paced functional pregnancy workout.

4. Have been training consistently at a high-level before pregnancy.

5. Are familiar with yoga or Pilates based exercises and movements.



What is Studio PregActive?

We conduct classes in person in our studios throughout the country. This Studio PregActive is our online portal that gives you the same classes.

Will you help address diastasis recti while pregnant?

Yes! Just like I do in my in-studio classes, I will also teach YOU how to safely and effectively engage your deep core. These exercises will help minimise diastasis recti and the impact it has on your recovery post-birth.

How can I get help?

At PregActive, we have an inspiring and dedicated team of health care professionals ready to help you. You will have unlimited and exclusive access to our member-only Facebook group.

Will My Credit Card Details be Safe?

Your membership payment will be processed by Stripe. Our PregActive website uses a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This helps to keep your details safe and secure.

We do not store your credit card details.

Can I Transfer My Membership to a Friend?

Unfortunately we are not able to transfer memberships to friends or family members.

Do I Need to Buy Special Equipment?

We have designed our workouts with NO equipment required. However, we have also created additional workout videos just in-case you already have some equipment such as a gym ball, hand weights or resistance bands.

Do I Need to Join a Gym to be a Part of PregActive?

No. All of our programs can be performed in the comfort of your home. You can workout ANYWHERE – ANYTIME!

Can I Still Join PregActive if I have a Specific Medical Condition?

Always consult with your doctor and let them know that you are about to participate in our PregActive program. Our programs are designed for healthy pregnant women with a normal pregnancy.

Can I Do The Program If I Have A Pre-Existing Injury?

We always advise you to seek medical advice for any injury you may have. Follow the advice given by your health professional.

Do You have a Forum or Can I Communicate with Other PregActive Members?

Yes, we have a member-only private Facebook group for our PregActive Members.

Do you provide meal plans and recipes?

Our main focus is on pregnancy exercise and workouts. We do provide you with complete access to our prenatal nutrition library where you will find some informative articles and videos from our Dietitian.

However, we do not provide meal plans. Meal plans are specific to each individual’s needs and I advise you to seek out a Dietitian to help you out.

Can I View PregActive on a Mobile Device?

Yes! PregActivePregnancy.com is mobile friendly. You will be able to gain access to all videos and features of from your smartphone or tablet. You do not need to download an app.

Can I Watch Video on My TV?

Yes – if you have an internet enabled TV you can login in to your member area and watch videos on your TV.

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