Pregnancy Exercise Tips

I want you to know that your health when pregnant, matters! You deserve to have the most qualified and trusted information being given to you.

You also deserve to have an experienced prenatal exercise instructor teaching your classes and workouts. Now is not the time to take risks!

Pregnancy Exercise Tips

Pregnancy Treadmill Workout – What’s Safe? What’s Not?

Pregnancy Treadmill Workout - What's Safe? What's Not? If you you are looking for a safe, but effective, pregnancy treadmill workout then it all starts with understanding what is safe and what you must avoid doing on the treadmill. This includes being able to identify the signs when you need to stop running or walking, what speed you can run at when pregnant, for how long and at what intensity.


Prenatal Exercise – Best Pregnancy Exercises and Workouts

Here's what you must know about prenatal exercise. Being physically active throughout your pregnancy is highly recommended and will make you feel good. But you must listen to your body to reduce risk of injury. You deserve the best pregnancy exercises every week and your workouts must only include safe exercises. Pregnancy Exercise Comes with Guidelines