What Does it Mean to be Overdue?

Question: What Does it Mean to be Overdue?

Answer: A normal pregnancy lasts anywhere between 38 and 41 weeks.

If you have not given birth at your designated delivery date then you will be considered overdue.

What Happens If I am Overdue?

This will be dependent on your personal circumstances and you will be guided by your doctor. It may be recommended that you have an induced labour if more than a week past your due date.

What Does it Mean to be Overdue

What Does it Mean to be Overdue

If I Was Overdue Before Does That Mean I Be Overdue Again With My Next Baby?

Just because something (being overdue, morning sickness) did or didn’t happen before, does not mean it will or won’t happen again in your next pregnancy.

Therefore it is very difficult to know if you will be overdue in a second or subsequent pregnancy.

What Is Often Recommended?

Obstetrician Dr Gino Pecoraro (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians) said that; ‘We don’t like you going more than seven to 10 days over the due date.

That’s because the baby places more demand on the placenta and we worry that the placenta can’t keep up with the demands of the baby.

The other thing of course is that the baby continues to grow – and as obstetricians, part of our job is to get the baby out of the mother, for the sake of both mother and baby!’

What Happens If I Am To Be Induced?

1. You will have an examination of the cervix.

2. They will check to see how long your cervix is.

3. They will check to see where it’s positioned and if it has started to dilate.

4. If your doctor thinks you’re cervix isn’t ready for labour, then they may apply prostaglandins.

5. Prostaglandins are a synthesised version of a chemical your body releases naturally when you’re going into labour.

6. Once your cervix is prepared for labour, your care team will attach you to a drip so you can receive the drugs that bring on contractions.