Who Can Be on the Delivery Room Team?

So in today’s crazy world of coronavirus just ‘Who Can Be on the Delivery Room Team?’

You should have a ‘back-up’ birthing partner who can help you through the intensity of labour just in case your first choice gets sick.

Pregnant women are still being allowed to have a single birth partner during the crisis, but the partner must be well and not show signs of coronavirus.

It is always good to know who will be on your delivery room team when you go into labour or have a cesarean. This way you will not be alarmed when you start seeing different people coming into the room or trying to work out who does what.

Who Can Be on the Delivery Room Team?

Who Can Be on the Delivery Room Team

1. Doctor or Midwife

This is one person you will be familiar with as it is likely you have been seeing this doctor / Obstetrician throughout your pregnancy for check-ups and appointments. It is unlikely that your doctor will be in the room at all times.

However; they will be receiving progress updates and from the midwife on duty and when required they will be present.

2. Anaesthesiologist

An Anesthesiologist will be present only if you request an epidural. The Anesthesiologist will have an assisting nurse to help create a sterile environment.

The Anesthesiologist will swab your back, numb the site by your spine, insert the medicine and once finished will most likely move on out of the room.

3. Resident

All doctors have to learn at some point and you may find that there is a resident in your room who will at all times be supervised by your Obstetrician. This often occurs if you are having your baby at a teaching hospital.

4. Nurse

You will have a nurse with you throughout your labor assisting you with making every aspect of your labor as comfortable as possible.

This could involve recommending different positions to help you find the most comfortable position for you at that time as well as conducting regular exams. If you have a longer than expected labor you may have several nurses with you.

5. Your Birth Partner

Your birth partner could be the father, your mother, sister, friend or anyone you have pre-organised to be in the room with you for support. Your birth partner will be there to also assist in making your comfortable as possible.

If You Go to Theatre for C-section:

1. Surgeons

Your C-section may pre-planned or a last minute decision by your Obstetrician. You will enter the theatre where you will find more people in the room than likely expected.

Your Obstetrician will be one side while an assisting doctor will be on the other. You will also have an Anaesthesiologist who will provide you with your epidural or medicine to relive the pain.

2. Pediatrician

A paediatrician will be there to take care and conduct checks as soon as your baby is delivered and handed over to them by the surgeon. As the surgeon continues to look after you the Paediatrician will check out your baby. They will also invite the father to come on over and cut the umbilical cord if they wish to do so.

3. Theatre Nurse

The theatre nurse will be there assisting the surgeon as well as monitoring your vitals.

4. Tech Nurse

The tech nurse will be there to assist the surgeon as they open and close your incision.

5. Respiratory Therapist

A Respiratory Therapist may be there to assist if required.

Your delivery room team are there to look after both you and baby so always ask questions ahead of time if you know you are having a c-section.

When preparing for baby you should try and reduce your anxiety. Try and get a better understanding of what you can expect at various stages throughout your pregnancy. And also during childbirth and also post birth.

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